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TBM Sand & Storage Logistics is the US arm of the TBM Group of Companies. Established in 2008 to provide ceramic proppant distribution into major US shale plays. TBM provides solutions for the hydraulic fracturing industry.  

PropMaster ™

The PropMaster can deliver 2,000,000-lbs of proppant to the blender on just one-third the footprint. Increased storage capacity means simpler logistics and reduced demurrage.


PROPBOX ™ provides bulk commodity storage and transportation in one convenient package, where you need it. Use the system as staging and auxiliary storage for charging bulk bins or silos already set up to load on scales. Use PROPBOX ™ to load direct to truck by conveyor.

About TBM Sand

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to North American service companies in a manner that allows them to be more competitive.
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