About Us

About TBM Sand & Storage Logistics

TBM Sand & Storage Logistics, LLC is a family owned and operated company.  Established in 2008 to serve ceramic proppant needs of one of “the big three” service companies in the Pinedale Anticline of Wyoming and Bakken Shale of North Dakaota.

Proppant Storage Equipment

TBM Sand was also working with Prop-equipment Systems Inc. developing improvements to the PropMaster ™ mobile silo to better serve hydraulic fracturing companies. As a result, the PSI Integrated Dual Belt was created. Providing maximum frac sand storage per square foot with a suite of value adds including dust control, reduced fuel cost, and single man operation.

Expansion – Eagle Ford – San Antonio, TX

In 2010 TBM Sand provided ceramic proppant for the Eagle Ford, and later established a transload and storage facility in San Antonio, TX. This enabled rail transloading of frac sand as well as ceramic proppant sales and distribution.

Further Proppant Storage Solutions

In 2011 TBM Sand developed the first mobile, containerized frac sand storage & transport system now known as PROPBOX ™. Working in conjunction with the other TBM Group companies the first ever containerized sand storage yard was implemented at the Total Transload  location in Alberta, Canada. Since that time TBM Sand has continued it’s development of the PROPBOX ™ to include other bulk commodities.

Ingenuity and hard work best describe who we are. We take pleasure in solving problems which improve the service and quality of our customer’s operations.

TBM Founding

Frac Sand Logistics has been part of the TBM Group of Companies legacy since the early 1990’s. Company founder Claude Lavoie started his career working for his father, who built what is now one of Canada’s largest trucking companies. After 15 years, working his way through the ranks Claude’s entrepreneurial spirit drove him to start his own company. Starting with one truck, Claude pushed himself and his equipment to the extreme. A work ethic which remains at TBM today.

Growing from a single truck operation to a brokerage and a fleet of trucks TBM better met the needs of customers. Over the years the TBM Group grew to expand it’s services to include rail translaoding of bulk materials as well as ceramic proppant import and sales. As well, the TBM Group went to work solving the logistics challenges put before us and thus the first ever self standing silo was created. The PropMaster ™ stands as a hallmark of the TBM ethic.  All of these combined have made TBM a durable, high quality service provider that can be trusted to deliver results to our customers.