Ceramic Proppant

 Fulton Tec Ceramic Proppant

FultonTec Ceramic Proppant

Ceramic Proppant Logistics in North America have been provided for FultonTec by the TBM Group since 2005. Consistent service and exceptional quality has defined the relationship. Fulton Tec is one of the oldest and most established ceramic proppant manufacturers in China since 1998. FultonTec has established success in international trade. They were one of the first exporters of HSP into North America. FultonTec has an extensive global reach, serving Russia, the Middle East, and the Americas. The bulk of their production is utilized domestically in China where they operate multiple factories in strategic locations.

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The secret of their success lies in the extremely technical executive management and staff. FultonTec is unyielding in their pursuit of quality. Continuous improvement in the manufacturing process has afforded them a technical advantage. This drive both maximizes efficiency, and quality simultaneously.  Eco-conscious, FultonTec has redesigned the FTecUltra light weight manufacturing process to minimize waste of raw materials. It utilizes material that is typically unusable by other manufacturers. Because of their perfected technique quality is maintained, maximizing value. FultonTec owns mining rights to their own bauxite reserves. Quality is overseen through the entire manufacturing process from mine to port. North American distribution is provided by the TBM Group through multiple distribution centers.

Stim-Lab results support what is proven in the field: FultonTec Ceramic Proppant delivers highest conductivity, quality and value when compared to any other manufacturer in the world.


FultonTec Ceramic Proppant, FTecUltra, HydroProp

Ceramic Proppant Size Offerings:

FultonTec produces a full range of ceramic proppant with mesh sizes of:

12/20, 16/30, 16/20, 20/40, 30/50, 30/60, 30/70, 40/70, 40/80, 70/140.

Ceramic Proppant Types:

High Strength Ceramic Proppant


Intermediate Ceramic Proppant:

– FTecISP:

– FTecProp:

– FTecValue: custom-tailor made and most economic tight sieve intermediate

Lightweight Ceramic Proppant:

– FTecLite:

Ultra Lightweight Ceramic Proppant:

– FTecUltra: 13% less bulk density than sand provides instant saving and maximum conductivity.

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