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The PropMaster ™ mobile frac sand silo can deliver nearly 2,000,000-lbs of proppant to the blender on just one-third the footprint. Increased storage capacity means simpler logistics and reduced demurrage.

[accordion items=”Efficiency in Design|Risk of Conventional Means”] [acc_item title=”Efficiency in Design”] Prop-equipment Systems Inc. (PSI) developed the PropMaster™ frac sand silo to meet the needs of pressure pumpers: as fracturing efficiency increases, so must the supply chain. Current conventional equipment may get the job done, but far too often this comes with uncertainty and uncontrollable expenses. Efficiency in the supply chain and more storage on the lease will increase asset utilization, manage expenses, and drive down costs. [/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Risk of Conventional Means”] Utilizing storage on wheels is a risky proposition, which leaves pressure pumpers exposed to circumstances beyond their control. When problems occur this can result in high demurrage that can essentially double the cost of the proppant being used. [/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Different Models for Different Regions“] The PropMaster™ frac sand silo currently comes in two sizes. The U.S. Model has a total volume of 2,750 cubic feet, which is separated into two internal compartments: 1,575 cubic feet and 1,175 cubic feet. The larger Canadian Model has a total volume of 2,900 cubic feet with two internal compartments: 1,575 cubic feet and 1,325 cubic feet. [/acc_item][acc_item title=”Common Features“] All PropMaster ™ frac sand silos include load cells accurate up to 1-2% of the total net weight of the unit. Discharge is accomplished through a 180° swiveling gravity discharge chute. The chute will flow over ten tons per minute. Loading is accomplished pneumatically through a total of four fill pipes, two per compartment. The top down filling increases ease and fill capacity to over 95%. Ensure you get the storage you pay for. A 2,750 cubic foot unit that only utilizes 2,300 cubic feet is functionally a 2,300-foot bin. There are also vent down pipes for dust collector applications. [/acc_item][acc_item title=”Hydraulic Controls“] There are two hydraulic systems on the PropMaster ™ frac sand silo. The tractor supplies the primary system, used to stand the unit. A tethered remote for stand back operation comes standard. The Secondary system uses a 12v hydraulic power-unit charged by a battery pack and solar energy. This system controls both compartment gates with solenoid hydraulic valves. In the event of failure, a hand pump backs up the system, which can quickly and easily open or close the gates. The secondary system is operated from the side of the PropMaster ™ frac sand silo with joystick controls rated to -40°C. When coupled with the PESI Integrated Dual Belt, control for up to seven units is transferred to the command cab. The PropMaster ™ frac sand silo also comes with a one hundred foot 110v extension for shore power and battery charging. The solar panels, however, provide more than enough power to run the hydraulics and load cells. [/acc_item][acc_item title=”Trailer Specifications“] The PropMaster ™ frac sand silo’s patented retracting trailer is equipped with Hendrickson HT-300-15 Air Ride Suspension with 11R22.5 tires on 825-22.5 Polished aluminum wheels. [/acc_item][acc_item title=”Development“] The PropMaster ™ frac sand silo has been under use and continuous improvement since 2005. Once units leave for the field they operate with less cost and more reliability than any other design. The units have been wind tested to ensure safe use under adverse conditions. [/acc_item][/accordion]

The PropMaster ™ frac sand silo offers a myriad of tools & advantages that make storing proppant, more accurate, and logistically simpler.

[toggle title=”Solar power and a battery pack provide all the necessary power“]During operations the PropMaster ™ frac sand silo does not require additional power supply. The unit is fully self-contained. The hydraulic system and load cell computer is run off the battery pack. Solar panels continually charge the battery pack. Without charging, the batteries provide up to three days run time, enabling 24/7 operations. The unit also comes equipped with a 100-ft. 110-volt extension and charger in case of failure.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Load cells provide real time inventory with accuracy up to 1% of total capacity“]Real time inventory helps assure run rate and total usage per stage. When properly set up, the unit’s load cells provide accuracy up to 1-2% of net capacity. This is extremely useful when gauging run rates, and more accurate than auger rotation and denseometer readings. Improved inventory information increases volume efficiency. Rather than partially filling compartments to meet stage volumes, the load cells provide accurate information, which allows the PropMaster ™ frac sand silo to be completely filled and hit appropriate targets.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Gravity flow is more reliable and less dusty than conveyor feeding“]A height adjustable swiveling discharge chute allows for flexible spotting and placement around the blender or use with any type of belt system available. Gravity flow works 100% of the time and eliminates downtime due to refueling, maintenance, and breakdowns. It also reduces the risk of fuel spills and the volume of fuel that must be used during a job. Belt speed and gate opening adjust the discharge rate. The PropMaster ™ frac sand silo discharges up to 22,000-lbs per minute. The PropMaster ™ frac sand silo will work with any conveying system.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Size and dual compartments allow over-the-road use and product segregation“]

The PropMaster ™ frac sand silo can be hauled over the road with an oversize permit, depending on jurisdiction, with no pilot car required. The overall volume and dimensions are as follows:

Canadian Model: 2,900 cf (1,575 cf and 1,325 cf) 46’3”x 12’5”x 14’2” U.S. Model: 2,750 cf (1,575cf and 1,175cf) 46’3”x 12’x 13’6”


[toggle title=”Vertical, self-standing storage uses 1/3 the footprint and increases fill capacity“]

Five-minute setup and teardown outshines competing models. The vertical design reduces footprint and allows more equipment on the lease; closer, faster pneumatic unloading; and more efficient fill capacity of over 95%. Compared to horizontal mountain movers, the PropMaster ™ frac sand silo delivers significant advantages. The patented self-retracting trailer is the best and most efficient design. Vertical design allows closer and faster unloading of bulk equipment, saving money and increasing asset utilization.


Well thought out design makes the PropMaster ™ Spread the ultimate proppant storage and discharge solution.

[toggle title=”PESI Integrated Dual Belt”]

Depending on jurisdiction, the PSI integrated dual belt can be taken over the road with just an over length permit.

The dimensions are as follows: 61’x 8’6”x 13’6”

The belt design allows complete control over proppant. The bin gates are meant to be opened, regulating volume with belt speed. As the product is pulled away from the gate it allows additional proppant to flow out. This method reduces dust. The belt can be completely stopped and started without flow-back on the incline section of the belt. The unit’s dual turbo diesel 99hp engines deliver ample power.


[toggle title=”Belt Construction”]

The dual 30” belts are five ply cross-rigid construction. They are fully vulcanized with “S” style cleats on 9” centers using the super screw splicing system. The belts reliably deliver proppant from the point of discharge to the blender efficiently and without flow back or spillage.


[toggle title=”Engine Configuration”]

Dual turbo charged John Deere 4.5L Power-Tech E: Model 4045T engines supply peak 99-hp/74-kw to the fly wheel at 2,400 RPM and peak 260 ft-lb of torque at 1,600 RPM. They include electronically controlled fuel systems, which improve cold-start performance and provide precise engine speed control, torque curve shaping, and multiple fuel injections. Multiple fuel injections are based on load and reduce combustion temperatures, which reduces NOx and particulate emissions as well as noise.

The engines also include Self-adjusting poly-vee fan drives, forged-steel connecting rods, replaceable wet-type cylinder liners, either side service feature, 500-hour oil change, and gear driven auxiliary drives. Fuel consumption per engine is between 5 and 6 gallons per hour under load. The engines are certified:

CARB, EPA Tier 3, EU Stage III A, and MSHA.


The PSI Integrated Dual Belt accommodates 7 units, with dust control and single man operation from a climate controlled command cab.

[toggle title=”Design allows for maximum utilization of footprint”]

The PSI Integrated Dual Belt is designed to fit 7 PropMaster ™ frac sand silos around it. This allows for maximum efficiency of the footprint. The system can also be daisy chained to increase volume on the well site if needed. The efficient footprint also allows more space for trucks to access the bins and decrease the conveying distance, reducing un-load times. Reduced demurrage and increased asset utilization will result.


[toggle title=”Integrated hydraulics & automated functions reduce labor by 3 times'”]

The PSI Integrated Dual Belt allows for the auto-feed function, which keeps the blender full within a given range, making the operations nearly hands-free. Integrated hydraulics allows single man operation from the climate controlled command cab. The operator has full line of sight down the belt and into the blender, as well as real time inventory numbers from each bin, allowing un-interrupted flow all day long.


[toggle title=”Climate controlled command cab improves worker conditions in harsh climates”]

In extreme heat or cold the PSI Integrated Dual Belt offers protection for the operator. Improved worker conditions will increase focus and reduce health risks associated with weather conditions.


[toggle title=”Double redundant power ensures guaranteed production”]

Dual 30” S style cleated belts and dual 99hp turbo-diesel motors provide double redundancy that ensures production will not stop due to equipment failure. Keep your crews working with the PropMaster ™ and the PSI Integrated Dual Belt. The dual-belt design also allows increased volume to the blender. A single PropMaster ™ frac sand silo can flow at least 22,000-lbs per minute, and if higher prop concentrations are needed, dual feeding is possible.


[toggle title=”Dust Control improves site conditions and reduces health risks”]

Dust control or a high vent option improves worker conditions and reduces long-term health risks. Reduced dust on the lease can also extend pump equipment life. Less dust intake results in less wear. OSHA HAZARD ALERT Read more about the risks and suggested solutions to silica dust. Click the link above.


Four PropMaster ™ units were part of the world’s largest and longest frac: 274 stages over one hundred eleven continuous days of 24/7 fracturing.

[toggle title=”Case Study”]

In 2010 in the Horn River Basin, partnering E&P companies endeavored to complete what was, at the time, the world’s largest and longest continuous fracture. In the remote British Columbia backcountry, during the heart of winter and into the spring, Operators succeeded in completing 274 stages over 111 continuous days of 24/7 fracturing. Sixteen wells were completed using over 50,000 tons of sand and 200 million gallons of water. The job was estimated to be four times larger than any operation of its kind in North America.

This kind of operation required steady supply of proppant and water. Four PropMaster ™ mobile silos were the primary storage and discharge system, with two sand kings for auxiliary storage. At least 80% of the sand was funneled through the PropMaster ™ frac sand silos during the course of the nearly four-month job.


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