PROPBOX ™ Mobile Frac Sand StorageSandBox Pneumatic Frac sand unloading

PROPBOX ™ mobile frac sand storage provides bulk commodity storage and transportation in one convenient package, where you need it. Use the system as  staging and auxiliary storage for charging bulk bins or silos already set up to load on scales. Use PROPBOX ™ to load direct to  truck by conveyor.  Pneumatically convey into  bulk  bins, other boxes, or the PropMaster with our custom chassis fitted with the Airbox. Filled to half capacity, take the PROPBOX ™ over the road and store at a remote location for easy access to the job.

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The PROPBOX ™ Advantage

• Minimal site work and development cost
• Scalable to fit needs at multiple terminals
• Set up in new area with little to no sunk cost
• 20,000-­ton per acre
• Improve Frac sand storage efficiency with 23-­40 ton increments
• Store product in advance at or near the job
• Keep track of inventory by unit number or RFID
• Unload a rail car in 20 minutes
• Use a variety of deck trucks to move boxes
• 2-­1 backhaul on empty boxes


[toggle title=”How much does a PROPBOX ™ hold?”]
-­Full capacity is between 40-­50 tons depending on the product bulk density.


[toggle title=”How much can a PROPBOX ™ haul over the road?”]
­  -A PROPBOX ™ on a standard 20’ container chassis is road legal at +/- 23 tons depending on the truck/trailer setup.


[toggle title=”How fast does the PROPBOX ™ chassis unload pneumatically?”]
-­The unit is comparable to a pneumatic trailer, at about 1,000-­lb/minute.


Stackable Frac Sand Storage SolutionSandBox Transload Frac sand Storage

For more than 20 years the TBM Group of Companies, including Future Frac Storage Systems and TBM Sand & Storage Logistics among others, has been innovating solutions to tough logistical problems in the Oil & Gas industry. With the growing trend of unconventional O&G development, predicated on horizontal drilling and multi stage frac treatment, conventional supply chain models have been stretched or broken. Looking to current and future needs, using top industry feedback, PROPBOX ™ was born. Although conventional means are catching up to demand, it has been a slow and costly process by any measure: facilities cost, rail & truck demurrage cost, as well as poor asset utilization. The PROPBOX ™ System has been developed with multiple supply chain points in mind. The end goal is to provide greater value, mobility, flexibility & versatility at the same or reduced cost. Frac sand storage doubling as transport reduces bulk handling, product degradation, and opportunity for contamination. Mobility allows for more options in supply chain planning, reduced dependence on costly conventional transport modes, closer access to product when needed, and the ability to move operations with market demand.

Increase asset utilization with rail, reduce facility setup cost & time, adjust your supply chain to your needs, protect your product, and set up first in undeveloped markets with PROPBOX ™ mobile frac sand storage.