Frac Sand Storage Equipment

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Frac sand storage equipment has been developed by the TBM Group since 2004. This resulted in the formation of SandCastle Enterprises Inc.. The assets of which, were sold to a major oil and gas service company in late 2009. Since that time the TBM Group has continued the quest for improved frac sand storage equipment and logistics through Prop-equipment Systems Inc. (PSI) and Future Frac Storage Systems ™.[dt_divider style=”gap”/]

Frac Sand Storage Equipment Development

Due to improved technology, skill and positive results, frac jobs have grown exponentially in popularity and size since the start in 1947. Frac popularity and job size growth have increased frac sand use greatly. The volume of proppant used per stage and the number of stages per job have increased the size of frac jobs. As demand grows frac sand supply and logistics become the limiting factors. The TBM Group develops solutions and equipment for tough logistical challenges.

PropMaster ™ Mobile Silo

Frac Sand Storage, PropMaster, Silo,

In order to improve frac sand logistics and reduce the footprint of ever growing frac jobs the TBM Group developed the first ever self-standing mobile silo. Resulting from years of R&D and continuous improvement the PropMaster ™ stands as the premier vertical frac sand storage unit.

Used in Canada and the U.S. the PropMaster ™ mobile silo has a proven record of performance and durability. The PropMaster ™ addresses environmental, safe work environment, efficiency and labor issues.

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PSI Dual Belt & The PropMaster ™ Spread

PESI, PropMaster, Frac Sand Storage

To solve major challenges faced by frac companies and operators PSI improved frac sand delivery to the blender. The PSI Dual Belt was created with safety and performance in mind.

  • Choke filling at all transfer points limits dust emissions,
  • On board dust control scrubs dust while hot loading,
  • Variable speed belts run only as fast as needed to keep the blender full,
  • Single man operation from enclosed HVAC command cab reduces worker exposure to dust,
  • Load cell readouts show when units are coming empty,
  • Seven PropMaster ™ silo capacity: maximize frac sand per square foot.

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Respiratory Protection Information

PROPBOX ™ Frac Sand Storage & Transport System

SandBox, Frac Sand, Ceramic Proppant, Storage, Transportation, LoadingConsidering the market and top industry input, TBM Sand & Storage Logistics pioneered the PROPBOX ™ storage and transport system early in 2011. Today TBM has over one hundred and fifty PROPBOX ™ units in service. Serving small and large multi national customers, the PROPBOX ™ system provides maximum storage versatility. With over 5,000 tons of sand in boxes at one transload location, PROPBOX ™ is proven frac sand storage equipment. Beyond static storage at rail transloads, the PROPBOX™ system is transport equipment with pneumatic discharge capability. Easily adapt the PROPBOX ™ system to existing equipment and delivery procedures.

The PROPBOX ™ system is ideal for large jobs, remote locations with seasonal access, markets with under developed frac sand handling infrastructure and for maximized asset utilization.  Set up a PROPBOX ™ storage location almost anywhere. Mobilize the units if needed and expand operational endeavors.

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